Balancing Act – Rally and Rampage with Brandon Semenuk


I think rally racing is some of the best bit of motorsport on the planet. You can keep your boring-ass Formula 1. NASCAR only gets fun when you invite Kiwis to run courses with real corners. And endurance racing has its highline events, but rally is always the real deal. Besides car stuff, I also love mountain biking. And one of the best in the game is Brandon Semenuk. He rides for Trek and he’s basically the best slopestyle/freestyle rider on the planet, in my opinion. Brandon also enjoys rally, and he’s pretty damn good at that too.

In his latest video, Semenuk and his team capture what it takes to compete in two sports happening at nearly the same time. Brandon is fighting for his first American Rally Association championship. He’s also preparing for the Red Bull Rampage, which is an insane event that unfolds atop a crazy course in the middle of Utah.

The video is titled Balancing Act, and it shows what the rally team has to do in order to win. Then it cuts to the preparation required to make Rampage happen. The visuals of both are awe-inspiring. Just like the driving, co-driving, and riding are as well.

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