This is the insanity of Gymkhana 2022 captured in photographs


Travis Pastrana has teamed up with Vermont Sports Car to deliver one of the coolest cars of all time. It’s called the Family Huckster, and it started life as a 193 Subaru GL Wagon. Now, it’s a tube-chassis car with carbon-fiber skin, active aero, long-travel suspension, and quite a bit more horsepower. The Boxer under the hood produces 865 hp, in fact. Yet that’s not even close to the power max on display in the latest Gymkhana film simply dubbed Gymkhana 2022.

Watch the video here. Right here, though, we’ve got a collection of great photographs that capture the madness. My favorite is the one at the top of this post. But I will say there are a handful of others that are just as nuts, if not more so.

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